Product Review – Ruffwear Swamp Cooler

Product: Ruffwear Swamp Cooler, dog cooling vestvest-in-action

Price: £57 – 63

Cheapest place to buy: amazon

Size: XXS – XL (see size chart below)

My rating: 9/10

Ruffwear Swamp Cooler – the ultimate in dog cool coats?

There are so many cooling vests on the market, but this one is the one that I hear most people raving about, in spite of its relatively high price. It basically works by the cooling effect of water evaporating from the coat. So, I decided to try it out on my large Border Collie, Jive, during the recent heat wave, as he gets quite agitated when the temperature rises. I followed the size guide and he was measuring between the medium and large sizes, so I ordered the large one. It fits really well, and he seems comfortable in it.

What the manufacturer says


Jive’s verdict

  • I’m not really used to wearing coats, but this was comfy.
  • The fasteners are adjustable clips under my tummy, no Velcro to get full of muck.
  • Its light in colour, so it reflects heat, but it gets dirty easier. It has UV protection too.
  • I didn’t pant nearly as much as I usually do on a hot day.
  • It doesn’t sag or hang down when its wet, even though mine weighed around 1KG when first soaked.


My verdict

If Jive’s happy, I’m happy! It is expensive, but it does fit much better than the cheaper ones that I’ve seen. My only reason for not giving it full marks is that the fabric on the back might not stand up to snags from plants and bushes. Jive was only wearing his at home and in the garden, so that wasn’t an issue for us, but for more adventurous warm days that may be a consideration.  I’ll definitely be ordering another two for my other dogs before Summer comes.  You can get yours here.





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